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Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File, Album)


Download Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File, Album)

Pinay Domina asked that eternal question: how do you punish someone who enjoys punishment. In a helpful mood I suggested something unpleasant like washing his mouth out with soap or enforced boredom pretty much my idea of stringent punishment in How Do You Punish A Masochist.

I have never fantasized about having to taste soap. You know someone now. My mother washed my mouth out once with soap when I was a child for swearing, as I recall.

Posted by: R May 23, AM. Though in later years having to live in the same house as my father came to feel like some sort of punishment or curse. Posted by: Richard May 23, AM. While he was not strictly a female dominant artist, it made up most of his work.

Posted by: Clarence May 23, AM. Many thanks for the attribution. Something I greatly regret. Posted by: Alexandra May 23, PM. Maybe one evening it will amuse you. It certainly sounds effective. Must vary a lot from something plain like Ivory to one of those heavily scented soaps which would surely be the worst.

Posted by: Richard May 23, PM. It can take you to an amazing headspace. Especially if you are into age-play of any sort. Posted by: Anonymous but semi frequent contributor May 23, PM.

It both horrified and thrilled me at the same time. Soap and lots of it Jews For Joseph (Maneri) - Jamie Saft - Borscht Belt Studies the mouth and everywhere else as well.

Posted by: magdala May 24, AM. Leaving me even more convinced that I Only Have Eyes For You - Billie Holiday - Jazz-History Vol. 11 washing is horrifyingly distasteful. Posted by: Richard May 26, PM. For someone who likes spanking, a GOOD mouth soaping, I mean really ground in to the teeth, then made to hold the soap in the mouth while being spanked, makes a very definite punishment.

That taste is awful, and if you are not let rinse for 30 minutes or so, and if you bottom is bruised, and welted, it gives you thought as to your offense. Posted by: wilson August 14, AM. I ususally have to stand,up while she watches one of her favorite TV shows, with a bar of soap in my mouth.

I have to keep it there for Album) entire TV show. This is not only punishment but also humiliation. Posted by: metman August 19, PM. Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File wife has used the bar of Irish Spring kept aside just for me so many times it now fits my mouth like a glove. She decided I liked her spankings too much. Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File he Album) wants to punish and not just play, my spanking always includes that bar of soap in my mouth.

I try to hold it lightly with my teeth to avoid the taste, but once the spanks start landing I find myself biting down on it. Wings - Various - Themes Collection it has found its way into my mouth for Non Dimenticar Le Mie Parole - Giorgio Gaber - Rock’N’ Roll, Amore E Storie Metropolitane time too.

Posted by: sharon August 30, AM. As a youngster, an Aunt of mine forced a bar of well-used Ivory into my mouth, which made a lasting impression. Years later I found having bar soap forced into my mouth by a lovely lady to be deeply erotic, even tho at the same time very orally torturous. With my body strapped well, my head secured within a self-made device which uses screw-type rods pressing firmly in my ear-canals and a dental-gag to hold my mouth wide open, I am made completely helpless, then my Lady can leisurely slid the soap in, out and around my mouth.

Posted by: reddbunzz September 23, PM. We have an entire group dedicated to erotic mouthsoaping. There are over of us. We have stories, pictures I was curious where the one above came from… glad I found it here. Anyways… I am constantly getting my mouth washed out by my wife and two sister-in-laws.

Thanks for the mouthsoaping related website tip SoapyOne, sounds interesting enough. Posted by: reddbunzz October 12, PM. Posted by: sharon November 11, PM. Just glad to see that I am not alone. I always enjoyed having my mouth washed out. Just wished my wife like to do it for me. Posted by: Dave November 11, PM. Tried to find annissa post, and check the site posted by SoapyOne but not there now. Does anyone have any site on this subject? Hopefully magdala can find annissa address on this subject.

Sharon, Your husband is a lucky man, that you care enough to discipline him. Would love to be his friend and have Album) catch me cursing to. Dave, That link is still active, not sure why you can not get to it. Posted by: Vince July 22, PM.

I feel for these guys. My mother still washes out of my mouth about once a week prior to my spanking. I am nineteen and it is horrible. After the mouth soaping and a lengthy spanking over her knee, she puts me bed.

Usually this Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File before p. Laying in bed on a Friday night before with soap bubbles still in my mouth and a very hot bottom is terrible. Tonight mother told me that next week she is going to give me soap at both ends, whatever that means.

I have a feeling I am not going to like it. One thing I can tell you is that for days after the session, I am very well behaved.

Posted by: Davey May 18, AM. I have been a mouthsoaper all my life as well as my wife. We love soaping each other and soaping ourselves. We do this for both pleasure and in our dungeon. Finally, my first real girlfriend I made a bet that if I cursed she could wash my mouth out with soap. I remember the first time. As soon as she said go to the bathroom I had the biggest hard on ever. She wet a new bar of safeguard and made me open my mouth and twisted it around hard for fifeteen minutes then I had to sit with it in my mouth for 20 min.

She went on to do it ten more times before we broke up. My next girlfriend did it to me real good and even ductaped the soap in my mouth after and left me tied down to a bed sucking on soap while she went out. I Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File on soap for one hour til she came back.

Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File pray it gets done again, hopefully Washing My Brain - State Of Margin - Dirty Challenge (File kiran chetry. Posted by: ed March 31, PM. I recently met a girl alexandria at a ladies clothing store.

She is hot and always wears nude pantyhose which I love. I was in her store and I took a picture of her feet with my cell which I thought she caught me.

Then I bought something for my niece and I was looking at other stuff before I left and the alarm went off when I walked out.

Alexandria went and grabbed my bag and two boxes with watches were in there unpaid. She made me come in the back Highway Patrol - Orchestra Under The Direction Of Buddy Morrow* - Impact said she has to call the policebut first she made me Album) my hands behind my back and handcuffed me and made me sit down.

I begged her not to call the. Police and she said I have to be punished and I bent down by her sexy feet and begged her not to.

She flipped her shoe off and made me smell her sweaty hosed feet and I started sucking her toes then after 5min she put her shoe back on. Alexandria grabbed me by the wrist and led me to Cats - Urbanator - Urbanator bathroom and grabbed soap Album) the cabinet, wet it then grabbed me by the chin and forced the soap in my mouth.

She twisted and rubbed the bar in and out really hard. I had to stick my tounge out and she grabbed liquid antibacterial soap and did 5 pumps on my tounge then wet the soap again and pushed it around more then went and checked on the floor. About ten minutes later she came back and caught me spitting soap out in the sink so she made me sit down and wet the bar and rubbed it around for 15min. As she yelled at me then pushed the soap in my mouth and made me close my mouth.

She grabbed ductape and wrapped it over my mouth and around my head 5times and each time she pulled on the tape it made my teeth dig further into the bar of soap. She noticed my erection and said I know you liked it and said next time I will eat the bar if I try to steal. My mouth burned from soap for the next day.


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  1. Paul Michael Davies. In a helpful mood I suggested something unpleasant like washing his mouth out with soap or enforced boredom (pretty much my idea of stringent punishment in How Do You Punish A Masochist).. I have never fantasized about having to taste soap. While it is a stereotypical parental punishment I’ve never known anyone who had it done to them.
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