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The Daily News - Various - The Laugh of the Party (Vinyl, Album)


Download The Daily News - Various - The Laugh of the Party (Vinyl, Album)

Various Album) Info. All contents of this Website are Copyright. This is all published freely on the internet by us to further the scene. You Read It Here First. In there was nothing like this online. One good idea gets a lot of imitators, we'll leave a few sections still, if pictures you can see on other sites. But what is an Acetate? It's a thin aluminium disc coated with a layer of acetate lacquer that was used in studios to get a very first cut of a record before the record was pressed.

Usually made in tiny quantities, they were directly cut on Album) cutting machine, similar to how the Vinyl Record itself is made. UK ones sometimes have an extra hole at the centre. This is to add grip when cutting the disc, rather than to play it wildly off centre for a laugh. Similarly USA acetates in the 50s had 3 extra holes.

Traces of these you can still see on the finished discs, eg Elvis early Sun 45s exhibit the filled-in holes, they are not push marksmore amateur nonsense taken as fact.

If a record needed that much force to push it from whatever it was stuck to The acetate was the first cut master from which the stamper was made.

You often find an Emidisc re-used on the back years later with a totally unrelated track to the other side. You'll also find acetates that got reused with the "unwanted" side scored out with 4 lines usually.

It'll play still usually though it'll need sound restoration on the computer to remove the noises. You still read amateurs going on about how short a lifespan an acetate can have. So why are so many from the 60s still around then? Because it's a Heresy - Various - Thrashkick Must Die v1.0 myth! An acetate is indeed softer than a regular vinyl 45 but even 60s ones The Daily News - Various - The Laugh of the Party (Vinyl played on old heavy arm players by the amount of needle trails on the run-in still play remarkably well if properly washed.

Sadly many acetates will remain nameless as plenty never had any artist or even title written on them. A pre c acetate usually has a black surface with black edges to the disc, later ones used a purple colour lacquer that shows purple at the edges.

Also old blanks could be used years later too. Labels like Advision usually seem to be Polydor related artists. The market for good acetates has taken a dive over the years, ones we sold for good prices we've seen sell very low.

Beware of owners adding collectable group names to tracks that sound like the artist but are not known recordings, or a fine UK pop psych track can get made worthless by the owner putting 'Genesis' on it as it sounded like s PG but wasn't.

Some acetates sadly have lost the labels but if one has been there, a shadow of it will show. Beware of alleged s acetates with modern felt-tip writing on. If it looks too good to be true it usually is. Buyers unaware as ever The Northern Soul scene used acetates in the late 60s-early 70s to cut rare tracks on for ease of use rather than to deceive. It isn't A pre acetate will generally be Album). If it's a Songwriter Demo, it'll have Publisher details, if it's official product made by the recording company it will be properly presented.

Apple acetates always appear to have the same person's handwriting on unless typewritten. Certain labels have added interest, though Oak has a reputation for quality Mod when the majority it cut wasn't anything like that. Anything wilder or with fuzz psych sounds is heading for the higher league. Having seen acetates we sold years ago being resold casually on ebay for low prices is strange. Music Publishers acetates especially from the early 60s might contain a hidden 'name' artist, such as a early Carole King acetate we had, with her singing lyrics a male would sing, making her "pledge love to a woman" a bit strange for the 60s!

Official 60s Soul acetates of released tracks usually make higher prices, though usually not as much as a Vinyl Demo makes over the Issue price. USA acetates often have large style centres. Those with 2 or more holes on the label area, such as on s ones, are there to grip on the cutting machine, the "push marks" you see on Elvis 'Sun' 45s are actually the 3 acetate holes being filled in as the masters were made from acetates.

Music Publishing acetates, like the Motown-Jobete ones are just basically typewritten with no logos, but as with any type of item, experience will only teach you more. Firstly, we'll rapidly dismiss some repros. Ones with RCA small text around the label edge are the modern box set ones. Any different tracks from Sun sessions, or silly ones like RCA-only tracks are always fantasy issues coming under the general term "reissue". Some odd or early ones do have a collector value.

Similarly, if an Elvis Sun 45 is found in a Picture Sleeve that match the record details, do not automatically dismiss the record itself as a reissue. These early bootleg picture sleeves were bought by collectors in the early s who may have put a genuine Sun 45 in it!

Only The Daily News - Various - The Laugh of the Party (Vinyl comparisons of the vinyl will reveal the truth. Going by the Hand Etched matrix numbers isn't too helpful either as many repros can do the same easily. What they don't always do is add the "72" in small writing higher up, as in 3 to the power of 2 in maths. Original matrix handwriting will look different to newer, as was still ink and fountain pen days where people wrote slower.

There is also a repress apparently using the original then 51 year old stamper of "That's Album) Right" but Love Me In A Special Way - DeBarge - Love Me In A Special Way is a one sided press to be sensible.

The Beginning of Elvis Presley. Some are thin vinyl, as Sun and Sun are, some are thicker vinyl like Sun and Sun are.

The first 4 play with the typical "SUN HISS" which, as we've explained elsewhere see our Vinyl Quality page is because they mastered them wrongly with a Transcription size stylus anyone foolish enough Tim Buckley - The Copenhagen Tapes say they used a 78 stylus of 2.

Only the last one can be played with a normal mono or stereo stylus. Any Elvis Sun, once played with the right stylus 1. But the metal master used was always the same on the first 4 as you only find 1 type, so if yours doesn't look like ours then it's not original.

In terms of Elvis, yes. The odds of you finding a real one in the open record market are pretty slim, unless you go to a proper dealer or an established collector is selling up. The odds of finding one in the UK in a general music collection bought at the time are zero, but Collectors have been buying them since.

But with Elvis the mystique of anything s Elvis on Sun keeps the 78s prices high. Our EAR autochanger player tracks at The Daily News - Various - The Laugh of the Party (Vinyl 15 grammes! But we can track unwarped 78s easily on our Hifi at 2 grammes! We've had Mint looking Album) 78s that were juked to death so the grooves are shattered with gaps between where a loud patch wore out.

But if Bap De La Bap - Associates* - Sulk are talking megabucks to only buy Near Mint barely used copies, as the Good Rocking Tonight auction house in USA turned up in the prices were going very high. On playing 78s of the s, the 78 setting we preferred, though as our other pages Proud Mary - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1973/2, we know Hifi.

The Faraway Musicians - Golden Singers & Orchestra, The* - Kindergarten Playtime Songs one you prefer will be your taste. Will people be able to play 78s in 30 years? Old players will still be around. Will your i-pod The Daily News - Various - The Laugh of the Party (Vinyl tracks be any good in 30 years?

Doubt it. It also hit the Regional charts. But there's more to that story: it only hit No. Sadly the whole story of Push marks is a load of amateur guesswork carried on as fact for decades! The 3 marks in a triangular shape are visible on the label area on the first 4 to some degree and can prove authenticity.

You can see them Album) our photos. The last one does not have them as newer machinery was used, explaining the stylus size problem with the first. The holes were needed to Album) the disc slipping as it was being cut and once the manufacturing process was started, the holes were filled in. UK 78s can show these marks too. No warm record off the press would have itself have such heavy marks impressed that don't match either side, yet without warping the record.

It's like with Gold Londons, these tired guessed ideas need correcting! Note the groove to deadwax ratio, the edge of the vinyl. Sun yellow label paper is dull with a deep orangey richness to it. The print is always Brown on the early Suns. Enough of the detail shows through to compare yours to.

We want to hear them!! Well we recorded them raw to CD using the right stylus when were selling them, so we offer short MP3 samples of all 10 tracks below. They are played with the best size custom stylus to get the best sound. We Album) just run them thru the de-clicker else it's as they came.

All original 45s will have the same sound characteristics if played with a custom stylus, if played with a standard shop-bought stylus they'll sound lousy as explained above. We know which we prefer Most will have never heard it like this and further our quick EQ version shows better resolution and how rough it was mastered!

But this reissue with the static run out groove is clearly dubbed, and most likely from a They'd sell Millions! Elvis as you've never heard him before!


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