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Six Mexicans…. - Simon H. Fell - Max

Label: Bruces Fingers - BFC 35 • Format: Cassette Album Cr, Dolby B • Country: UK • Genre: Jazz • Style: Free Improvisation
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He was a younger brother of the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I. After a distinguished career in the Austrian Navy as its commander, he accepted an offer by Napoleon III of France to rule Mexico, conditional on a national plebiscite in his favour. France, together with Spain and the United Kingdom, invaded the Mexican Republic in the winter ofostensibly to collect debts; the Spanish and British both withdrew the following year after negotiating agreements with Mexico's republican government, while France sought to conquer the country.

The Empire managed to gain the recognition of several European powers, including Britain, Austria, and Prussia. Matters worsened for Maximilian after French armies withdrew from Mexico in His self-declared empire collapsed, and he was captured and executed by the Mexican government, which then restored the Mexican Republic.

His wife, Charlotte of Belgium Carlotawho had left for Europe earlier to try to build support for her husband's regime, suffered an emotional collapse after his death and apparently became insane. The first name honored his godfather and paternal uncle, Ferdinand IKing of Hungary, and the second honored his maternal grandfather, Maximilian I JosephKing of Bavaria.

Maximilian was thus a member of the Six Mexicans…. - Simon H. Fell - Max of Habsburg-Lorrainea female-line cadet branch of the House of Habsburg. Rumors at the court stated that Maximilian was, in fact, the product of an extramarital affair between his mother and his first cousin Napoleon II, Duke of Reichstadtthe only legitimate son of Napoleon ; the duke's mother was Marie Louise, Duchess of Parmaformer Empress of the French, Maximilian's aunt.

Adhering to traditions inherited from the Spanish court during Habsburg rule, Maximilian's upbringing was closely supervised. Until his sixth birthday, he was cared for by Chris de Burgh - Spanish Train Louise von Sturmfederwho was his aja then rendered "nurse", now nanny.

Afterward, his education was entrusted to a tutor. The hours per week of classes steadily increased Twin Chevron Action Flash (Tour Remix) - Sabrepulse - Chipbreak Wars 32 at age seven to 55 by the time he was The Six Mexicans….

- Simon H. Fell - Max restrictive environment of the Austrian court was not enough to repress Maximilian's natural openness. He was joyful, highly charismatic and able to captivate those around him with ease. Although he was T.

Rex - The Slider charming boy, he was also undisciplined. His attempts to outshine his older brother and ability to charm opened a rift with the aloof and self-contained Franz Joseph that would widen as years passed, and their close friendship in childhood would be all but forgotten. Inrevolutions erupted across Europe. Maximilian was horrified at what he regarded as senseless brutality and openly complained about it.

He would later remark, "We call our age the Age of Enlightenment, but there are cities in Europe where, in the future, men will look back in horror and amazement at the injustice of tribunals, which in a spirit of vengeance condemned to death those whose only crime lay in wanting something different to the arbitrary rule of governments which placed themselves above the law". The couple lived in Milan untiland then they moved Six Mexicans….

- Simon H. Fell - Max Trieste. He and Maria Amelia had once been engaged, and it is said she was the love of his life.

Shortly afterward, Maximilian went to Brazil, leaving Charlotte in Madeira. Once offered the crown of Mexico, Maximilian and Charlotte sailed Six Mexicans…. - Simon H. Fell - Max Trieste on 10 Apriland arrived in Veracruz on 28 May Maximilian had demanded a plebiscite on his rule, but it turned out to be a farce, and when the couple arrived in Veracruz there was little support from the people.

From Puebla they went to Mexico City, where they established the royal residence in Chapultepec Castlewhich had previously been a military academy. The castle was remodeled and richly furnished. He built wide boulevards such as Paseo de la Emperatriz "Promenade of the Empress" in Mexico City, and instituted liberal social reforms much to the chagrin of his conservative base.

The couple bought the Borda Garden in Cuernavaca, and he bought a country estate for his mistress, Concepcion Six Mexicans…. - Simon H. Fell - Max in suburban Acapantzingo. France withdrew the troops who had propped up Maximilian in ; Mexico City soon fell to the liberal forces of Benito Juarezthe emperor was arrested, and on 19 June he was executed. His last words were, "I forgive everyone, Six Mexicans….

- Simon H. Fell - Max I ask everyone to forgive me. May my blood which is about to be shed, be for the good of the country. Viva Mexico, viva la independencia! Maximilian was a particularly clever boy who displayed considerable culture in Little Sally Tease - The Tell-Tale Hearts - Live Vol.2 - Later That Same Night In Springfield. taste for the arts, and he demonstrated an early interest in scienceespecially botany.

When he entered military service, he was trained in the Austrian Navy. He threw himself into this career with so much zeal that he quickly rose to high command. He was made a lieutenant in the navy at the age of eighteen. Inhe sailed as commander in the corvette Minervaon an exploring expedition along the coast of Albania and Dalmatia. Maximilian was especially interested in maritime matters and undertook many long-distance journeys for Brazil on the frigate Elisabeth.

Like Archduke Friedrich — before him, Maximilian had a keen private interest in the fleet, and with him the Austrian naval force gained an influential supporter from the ranks of the imperial family. This was crucial, as sea power had never been a priority of Austrian foreign policy, and the navy itself was relatively little known or supported by the public. It was only able to draw significant public attention and funds when it was actively supported by an imperial prince.

As commander-in-chief, Maximilian carried out many reforms to modernise the naval forces, and was instrumental in creating the naval port at Trieste and Pola now Pulaas well as the battle fleet with which Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff would later secure his victories. He also initiated a large-scale scientific expedition — during which the frigate SMS Novara became the first Austrian warship to circumnavigate the globe. In his political views, Six Mexicans….

- Simon H. Fell - Max Maximilian was very much influenced by the progressive ideas in vogue at the time. He had a reputation as a liberaland this was one of several considerations leading to his appointment as Viceroy of the Kingdom of Lombardy—Venetia in February Emperor Franz Joseph had decided on the need to replace the elderly soldier Joseph Radetzky von Radetzto divert growing discontent amongst the Italian population through token liberalization, and to encourage a degree of personal loyalty to the Habsburg dynasty.

She was first cousin to both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Maximilian and Charlotte had no children. They lived as the Austrian regents in Milan or viceroys of Lombardy-Venetia from untilwhen Emperor Franz Joseph, angered by his brother's liberal policies, dismissed him. Shortly after, Austria lost control of most of its Italian possessions. Maximilian then retired to Trieste, near which he built Miramare Castle.

At the same time, the couple acquired a converted monastery on the island of Lokrum as a holiday residence. Both estates had extensive gardens, reflecting Maximilian's horticultural interests. The Habsburg family had Six Mexicans…. - Simon H. Fell - Max the Viceroyalty of New Spain from its establishment until the Spanish throne was inherited by the Bourbons.

Maximilian was considered to have more potential legitimacy than other royal figures, but was unlikely to ever rule in Europe due to his elder brother.

He did not accept at first, but sought to satisfy his restless desire for adventure with a botanical expedition to the tropical forests of Brazil. However, Maximilian changed his mind after the French intervention in Mexico.

The new emperor of Mexico landed at Veracruz on 29 May[38] and received a cold reception from the townspeople. Veracruz was a liberal town, and the liberal voters were opposed to having Maximilian on the throne. There was continuous fighting between the French expeditionary forces who were supplemented by Maximilian's locally Six Mexicans….

- Simon H. Fell - Max imperial troops on one side and the Mexican Republicans on the other. The Imperial couple chose as their seat Mexico City. The emperor and empress set up their residence at Chapultepec Castlelocated on the top of a hill formerly on the outskirts of Mexico City that had been a retreat of Aztec emperors. Maximilian ordered a wide avenue cut through the city from Chapultepec to the city center named Paseo de Chapultepec or Paseo de la Emperatriz. The royal couple made plans to be crowned at the Catedral Metropolitanabut due to the constant instability of the regime, the coronation was never carried out.

Empress Carlota began holding parties for wealthy Mexicans in order to raise money for poor houses. He cancelled all debts for peasants over 10 pesos, restored communal property, and forbade all forms of corporal punishment. He also broke the monopoly of the hacienda stores [ clarification needed ]and decreed that henceforth peons could no longer be bought and sold for the price of their debt.

Iturbide and his cousin were granted the title Prince de Iturbide and the style of Highness by an imperial decree of 16 Septemberand were ranked next in line after the reigning family. However, in reality Maximilian never intended to give the Inca Roads - Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention* - One Size Fits All to Six Mexicans….

- Simon H. Fell - Max Iturbides because he believed that they were not of royal blood. Meanwhile, Maximilian invited ex-Confederates to move to Mexico in a series of settlements called the "Carlota Colony" and the New Virginia Colonywith a dozen others being considered, a plan conceived by the internationally renowned U.

Navy oceanographer and inventor Matthew Fontaine Maury. Maximilian also invited settlers from "any country", including Austria and the other German states. Maximilian issued his "Black Decree"' on 3 October Its first article stated that: "All individuals forming a part of armed bands or bodies Six Mexicans…. - Simon H. Fell - Max without legal authority, whether or not proclaiming a political pretext, whatever the number of those forming such band, or its organization, character, and denomination, shall be judged militarily by the courts martial.

If found guilty, even though only of the fact of belonging to an armed band, they shall be condemned to capital punishment, and the sentence shall be executed within twenty-four hours". It is calculated that more than eleven thousand of Juarez's supporters were executed as a result of the decree, but in the end it only inflamed the Mexican resistance. Nevertheless, bythe imminence of Maximilian's abdication seemed apparent to almost everyone outside Mexico. Her efforts failed, and she suffered a deep emotional collapse and never went back to Mexico.

After her husband was executed by Republicans the following year, she spent the rest of her life in seclusion, never admitting her husband's death, first at Miramare Castle in Trieste, Austria-Hungary, then Italy, and then at Bouchout Castle in MeiseBelgium, [50] where she died on 19 January Though urged to abandon Mexico by Napoleon III himself, whose troop withdrawal from Mexico was a great blow to the Mexican Imperial cause, Maximilian refused to desert his followers.

Maximilian allowed his followers to Get Ready To Jump (Vocal) - Johnson And D - Get Ready To Jump whether or not he abdicated. Maximilian fought on with his army of 8, Mexican loyalists. The city fell on 15 May and Early Color - Psychic Weather - Shining in the Red was captured the next morning after the failure of an attempt to escape through Republican lines by a loyal hussar cavalry brigade led by Felix Salm-Salm.

Following a court-martialhe was sentenced to death. Many of the crowned heads of Europe and other prominent figures including the eminent liberals Victor Hugo and Giuseppe Garibaldi sent telegrams and letters to Mexico pleading desperately for the Emperor's life to be spared.

Felix Salm-Salm and his The Kelly Family - Die Großen Erfolge masterminded a plan and bribed the jailors to allow Maximilian to escape execution. However, Maximilian would not go through with the plan because he felt that shaving his beard to avoid recognition would ruin his dignity if he were to be recaptured.

He spoke only in Spanish and gave each of his executioners a gold coin not to shoot him in the head so that his mother could see his face. May my blood, which is about to be shed, be for the good of the country. After his execution, Maximilian's body was embalmed and displayed in Mexico. After arriving in Trieste, the coffin was taken to Vienna and placed within the Imperial Crypton 18 Januarywhere it can be viewed today. The Emperor Maximilian Memorial Chapel was constructed on the hill where his execution took place.

Other researchers consider him short-sighted in political and military affairs, and unwilling to restore democracy in Mexico even during the imminent collapse of the Second Mexican Empire. In the wake of his death, carte-de-visite cards with photographs commemorating his execution circulated both among his followers and among those who wished to celebrate his death.

One such card featured a photograph of the shirt he wore to his execution, riddled with bullet holes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Emperor of Mexico.


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  6. Simon H. Fell (b. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 13 January ) is a bassist and composer; he is primarily known for his work as a free improviser and the composer of ambitiously complex post-serialist works.. Fell began playing double bass in From to he read English Literature at Fitzwilliam College of Cambridge University, an interest that led to ties to many of the poets associated.
  7. Boomkat Product Review: "Another Important recording that needed to be released from Simon H Fell, one of the UK's finest bassists. Simon has been and still is the bass player of choice for many and these tracks were recorded over the last 10 years, which was the last time that he released some solo material (a cassette release) on his own Bruce's Finger imprint.
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