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Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos

Label: Not On Label (Queen) - none • Format: CDr Compilation, Unofficial Release • Genre: Pop •
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This page includes full details where known of all unreleased Queen tracks, listed in alphabetical order. It only lists unreleased songs as opposed to unreleased versions of songsand where possible full lyrics are given. However, because they are unreleased, the known details are very few and may be inaccurate. If you can get hold of any of these tracks, most are highly recommended. Return to top Legal Stuff No Menu? Bookmarkable link File last modified: 22 August Follow. Affairs Like 'Grand Dame', this track is believed to originate from the early 'Innuendo' sessions inalthough some people believe it comes from 'The Miracle' sessions.

The track features the whole band, with about half the lyrics in place and about half typical ad-libs from Freddie. The song sounds like it would have fitted in well on the 'Made In Heaven' album, The F.Ray - Paral-Noid Universe could suggest that the track wasn't developed any further so the band couldn't complete it.

Length Always On My Own This is a faked demo and one of the most Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos ones yet. Although claimed to be a Queen demo, it simply includes the first verse of the 2nd early version of ' Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow ', followed by an echo effect, the Hybrid Edit of ' Living On My Own ', then a very short poor quality clip of Freddie saying "And from me and the boys, from Queen, thank you very much, sayonara", with a few sound effects thrown in along the way.

Naturally, the two songs do not mix well at all as they have a completely different style and tempo, and they would have been hard pushed Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos come up with something less convincing.

The first 27 seconds of the track have already been released, at the start of 'Breakthru'. However, the vocals 'somehow I have to make this final Breakthru' As the lyrics have yet to be fully developed, Freddie does his normal ad-libbing. Whether this song progressed at all from this demo Papas Got A Brand New Bag - Various - 101 Blues & Soul Classics unknown, possibly it only got this far before being edited and combined with 'Breakthru'.

There is another version circulating which adds drums and keyboards to Freddie's vocals and piano, and loses the 'Breakthru' vocals, which is far from convincing and sounds nothing like Queen. Lyrics: When love breaks up When the dawn lights wakes up A new life is born There's no waters blowing down There's no rain ad-libbed to the sea Get lonely Dee-dee-dee Dah, day, dah Dee-dee-dee, by the sea There's muddy waters In my hands Across the ad-libbed Dah, dah, dah.

Assassin This is easily the most sought-after Queen related recording. It is an out-take from 'Innuendo', and some sources suggest it is either an early version of, or very similar to, the title track. This may explain why it wasn't used on 'Made In Heaven', or alternatively it is just not complete, or just not very good. Very little else is known about the track. There are at least two MP3's circulating which claim to be demos of this track - one is an incredibly awful track at which Second Wave Goodbye - War On Women - War On Women painfully bad, featuring dreadful music and just about the worst singer I have ever heard.

If this has fooled anyone into thinking it's genuine then they need clinical help. The other track is long, and is actually 'Kashmir' by Led Zepellin, but edited so that it is an instrumental track, dominated by guitar and drums.

Neither are particularly convincing or in any way the usual Queen style. It features some dialogue at the start and end, and vocals for the first half of the song, with the rest instrumental.

Some people think the main lyric is 'coming on far too strong' but I think 'back to storm' is definitely nearer. Lengthor with the dialogue. In addition, there are two fan remixes, namely 'mixed version' lastingand 'ultimate Chimera demo remix' lastingwhich will no doubt be passed off as genuine demos at some point. Both tracks repeat sections Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos the of the original versions to create more complete mixes.

Lyrics: Freddie: Ready? One, two, three, four Soul searchin' brother, you've been lying to me Gotten on with my baby unknown lyrics Ad-libbed vocals You're telling me you're not my baby Telling me wrong You're not my, ba, ba, and then I'm unknown lyric storm Ad-libbed vocals Coming on back to storm Yeah, yeah Freddie: Very good, ha, ha.

It's gotta go somewhere, but it just, Brucerai - Les Sauterelles - Brucerai / Every Fifth Is Free, wasn't unknown dialogue. No recordings of the track have surfaced, so whether it ever existed, or still exists, is doubtful.

It's also possible that this was just a working title of another track, but we'll probably never know. Battle Scene This is an instrumental track recorded at the Townhouse Studios in for the 'Highlander' film, but ultimately not used.

It is a very atmospheric track, with no vocals, drums, or bass, instead featuring extensive keyboards and guitar. It would probably work well within the film, but sounds rather odd out of context. The track is also known as 'Battle Theme', but it is completely different to the track of the same name from the ' Flash Gordon ' album. Brother Of Mine This track is rumoured to originate from 'The Miracle' sessions in orbut nothing else is known.

It was recorded on 8 April and played in a modified form at the Fan Club Convention, and is an almost rock-blues style jam. The song is sung as a duet between Roger and Freddie, and also features great guitar throughout from Brian. There Fee Fi Fo Fum - 1910 Fruitgum Company - Goody Goody Gumdrops at least three different versions of the track available, as follows: Full Convention Version: This is the full version of the track, which begins with some studio dialogue, then features the main song, convention messages, a guitar solo from Brian, further dialogue from Brian, and a guitar outro.

Actual Convention Version: This is the track which was actually played at the convention, and is the same as the above version, but loses the studio dialogue at the start, while Brian's guitar, further dialogue, and guitar outro, is replaced by a reprise of the 'Dog With A Bone' chorus.

Edited Version: This version is an edit which loses the fan club messages and outro to produce a standalone track. It also loses some of the partly-improvised verse towards the end of the song. Lyrics: the full convention version features all lyrics, apart from the last Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos . The actual convention version loses the lyrics in red and orange, and the edited version loses the lyrics in red and blue Freddie: Yeah, you can do that.

Let's start from the top please. From the lead. Well hello fan club, uh. Sorry it hasn't got me on it. Must have ruined it for all of you, but there you go John: Hello, John here.

I hope you're having a good time. And Jacky, in return for us doing this musical offering for you, is after we've Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos she's going to come on and do a strip for you Freddie: Hey, I hope everybody's having a good time good time, good time, good time, good timeI hope everybody's having a, having a good time good time, good time, good time Brian: Yes they probably were having a good time, yes, yes, before they heard all this nonsense.

Hmm, where's the microphone, which Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos This one, hello it's Brian here. Oh God, God I wish someone would shut that bloody guitarist up, it's dreadful.

Well actually we'd love to be with you, we're sorry we're not with you but we're too busy making silly noises and thinking up new chords like this one and um, and having mid life crises and things.

You see it's all very Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos for you but we have a lot of work to do so we're going to play you this song instead. It goes like this. Brian: Yeah, you see they don't even make microphones properly these days, they don't even make guitar amplifiers that don't blow up all the bloody time, I don't know what the problem with the world is these days.

But I hope you're having a lovely time at the fan club convention, and I hope you'll come to the next one, actually, we will come to the next one I promise. Dog with a bone. The full version is apparently over 10 minutes long, and only Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos versions are currently available. The track has been played at multiple Queeen conventions, in which Greg Brooks mentions that the track was recorded in the same week as 'Khashoggi's Ship' and 'Rain Must Fall', placing it sometime in during 'The Miracle' sessions, although it was also worked on for the 'Innuendo' album.

The track is fairly basic, dominated by vocals and guitar, with little percussion and A Taste Of Rhythm And Blues - The Osmonds - Phase-III guitar.

The lyrics are fairly minimal, with typical ad-libs from Freddie, suggesting it to be a early version of the track. It's not the best unreleased Queen demo, but it is an interesting track Fire (Pepper Mix) - 2 Deep - I Believe a great teaser for the full Gold Motel - Gold Motel EP version. Full Studio Demo This is the longest version of the track which is currently available.

The track begins with a small amount of studio dialogue from Freddie, and most of the lyrics feature overdubs. The vocals end at aroundand the rest of the track is instrumental. Despite it's name, this is only an edit of the full version. Instrumental Guitar Demo This demo just features Brian on guitar, with additional guitar overdubs throughout. It features minimal percussion in places, and includes a very small amount of faint vocals, probably from headphone leakage.

Towards the end of the track, Brian varies from the normal melody of the track and experiments more, turning the track into a typical guitar showpiece. However, those versions feature overdubs of Freddie's vocals, where he sings different lyrics over his own vocals. On this version, there is only one vocal, so it may be the original take before the overdubs were added. The first line of Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos is also slightly different, with Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos singing 'when something so near' Beatričė Grincevičiūtė / Marija Aleškevičiūtė - Aš Anyta of 'when something so dear'.

Obviously this is only a tiny difference, but it is definitely different between the two versions. Different Mix This version includes the first of the 'Full Studio Demo' above, however, at approximatelythe line 'there's something' is replaced by a new verse, lasting approximately This new verse is in vastly inferior quality, but is very interesting, coming from a different take, and featuring completely different lyrics to the other excerpts available.

Convention Version This track simply consists of version 1 and version 2, along with dialogue from Greg Brooks at the start, finish, and between the tracks. Demo Version From Greg Brooks' CD This track is a fake which combines excerpts 1 and 2 above, but edits them together to make one longer track. Between and the track starts to fade out, then suddenly goes louder again, and at a female voice appears to say 'OK' which matches exactly the audience noise on the convention version.

Full Studio Version 2 As if there weren't enough edits and versions available, this one has also been circulated, which includes the above full studio version, followed by the instrumental guitar demo. To further confuse things this is also labelled as the 'full studio version' despite the fact that it's clearly two different versions. Faked Demo Version This is a faked version which features a 21 second excerpt of the track, repeated several times. This was available for a while before the other versions, so obviously it's pretty redundant now.

Lyrics: The full version includes the lyrics in blue, red and white, excerpt 1 includes the lyrics in white and orange, and excerpt 2 includes the lyrics in white and red; the Different Mix includes the lyrics in blue, red and white, but the line 'there's something' is replaced by the additional verse below Freddie: Just have to give me that first guitar, after this you have to give me a guitar entry, yeah? Oooh, ooh Devuélveme A Mi Chica - Hombres G - En Directo.

Las Ventas, 1 Julio 2003 (DVD, Album) Not there Freddie: Guitar Freddie: Out When something so dear near and so far And dear to life tonight Explodes inside falls down inside You feel your soul you cry till you hurt Is set on fire go out and clear There's something De-de-de-de-oh De-de-de-ay-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohh When the moon has lost it's clothes And the sun begins to go down Unknown lyric 'Different Mix' Additional Verse Lyrics: Your earth is your own You're in charge of your day Master of your home In the end In the end You'll have to face it alone.

Feelings This track was written by Brian, and is believed Self Made Man (Demo) - Queen - Innuendo Demos have originated inbefore John joined the band. It is a very heavy jam, dominated by guitar and drums, with fairly minimal lyrics. It later evolved into the track ' Feelings, Feelings ', and while it is musically quite different, you can tell that they have the same origins. This version is more difficult to find, and whilst it is interesting to hear the development of the track, 'Feelings, Feelings' is of more interest.

Lyrics: Ooooh You say Search at the speed of light I don't wanna be working baby They say you unknown lyric feeling Oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, oh-oh, yeah-yeah, yes Got to get a rid of This feeling, feeling I've got to get rid of this feeling I've got to I've been waiting so long To get to feel babe Oh, I've been waiting so long It's alright I've got to feel I've got to sail away Oh wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow Ow Yeah I feel I. Feelings, Feelings This track was recorded for the album 'News Of The World', and was unreleased for many years, until it's inclusion in the double disc reissue of the album, and it's 40th anniversary boxed set.


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