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Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File)

Label: Warm Data - DAT011 • Format: 5x, File FLAC • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: Techno, Electro
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Nothing Is Scarier than someone you know nothing about. He has nothing to identify him, nothing that even states that he is real. If this person simply disappears, you are terrified because you don't know if he is watching.

Sometimes he is established as a myth, a ghost story to scare people. This person lacks not only a past, but also a present and a future. He just is, and you don't know why.

The Spook is someone whose identity is a paradox, they exist but don't exist at the same time. No one can prove that he is there except by showing someone the warm body, if you even have it. If a name is given it is likely to be Shrouded in Myth ; you can't be certain of anything you hear about them but you don't want to underestimate them all the same.

Or they may use an obvious pseudonym like Mr. In some cases, this White Doves - Gong - Shapeshifter overlap with a Legacy Character : the myth is more important Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) the person.

All There in the Manual may have extra information Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) is confirmed by Word of Godbut that doesn't count: this is about how this character is perceived by others. What matters is how the characters in the story behave in regard to the stranger. If the people in the story know all about the character, then it does not qualify as The Spook even if the audience knows nothing. This kind of character is often seen as either an Enigmatic Minionor the guy the villains or even the heroes bring in to do the job right Also frequently The Nondescript.

The reason The Spook is such a mysterious character is that the story treats the lack of information of the guy as a mystery, i. If this doesn't happen, he's probably just a Bit Character that isn't intended to be memorable.

Compare The Facelessbut The Faceless is only important based around the eventual reveal whether or not they actually have a face. The Spook will usually remain an enigma even if caught and defeated. Also compare The Men in Blackwho are often mooks with this characteristic, and The Cowlwhen a hero tries to be this to the villains. The Chessmaster can sometimes be a Spook and combined with this trope makes them all the scarier. See also Outside-Context Problemwhich appears out of nowhere, and Diabolus ex Nihiloa villain without any backstory.

Nor to be confused with the Spook from The Wizard of Id. Not to be confused with the word's use as a slur towards black people, nor its philosophical sense mainly in association with branches of anarchism and nihilism referring to abstract social constructs. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Mayor: What do we got?

Jim Gordon: Nothing. No matches on prints, DNA, dental. Clothing is custom, no labels. Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint. No name Anime and Manga. Much of the manga is a Burning Out Young - Various - Best Of Home Tapes Deconstruction of the trope, noting how difficult it is actually to live without any kind of identifications, steady job or social security. The protagonists end up getting mistaken for illegal immigrants several times over.

L, Mello and Near from Death Note. Justified, as the titular notebook can kill anyone whose name is written in it. Thus, the only people who could challenge the Death Note's user would be those with entirely unknown names.

Light Yagami initially becomes a spook when he gets his Death Note from Ryuk—a mysterious killer with the ability to kill off anyone in the world, location be damned, so long as he knows the real name of his victim. He exacts the power of the Death Note enough that the world notices the sequential killings and dubs the culprit "Kira. Taylor," a man being used as a decoy proxy for the real L.

Taking the bait allows L to start hunting him down relentlessly, opening the Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) can of worms he'll ever know. Johann tries to become one in Monster by destroying all traces of his past. Even without him doing that, he essentially is one already due to the circumstances of his birth and upbringing.

Finding out how he became the way he is is one of the plot's driving forces. Hazama is this in BlazBlue: Alter Memory. Between attempts to help Noel, Makoto Hazama's own subordinate, by the by has been trying to gather information that could link him to the Imperator, and found absolutely jack about him in the NOL database.

Whatever justification exists cements to Makoto that Hazama is not to be trusted, and she arranges for a pickup with Sector Seven to get Noel out of Kagutsuchi. It's not a spoiler to say this doesn't work out. Comic Books. The Octopus in The Spirit. In the entire run of the series, neither the heroes, the villains, nor anyone else ever saw his face or learned who he was. In his first appearance, he ran through fire to avoid revealing his identity.

Nobody in Spider-Girl. Even when he's apprehended by the police, it's You Qe Vz Alé - Obrée Alie - Alment DIf that he literally has no fingerprints and that what was thought to be a full facial mask is apparently his actual face.

The Boys : The unnamed Vought-American exec is this. The Homelander, a Kryptonian-class superhuman, is more than a little scared of this apparently ordinary human; even half-jokingly theorizing that the executive might be some sort of quintessential corporate lifeform. Joe comics. We never learn his name, facial appearance, or backstory only receiving vague suggestions. It's implied that he may actually be "Chimera", a villain the Joes encountered years ago, having survived his battle with them and taken a new identity but even this is conjecture.

And later it's revealed he's not even a singular person, just the most recent holder of the title. There's been hundreds of Cobra Commanders throughout human history, each more inscrutable than the last.

After the Commander we started with is shot dead, he's replaced by a nameless man called "Krake" in under a month. Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) most well-known for killing Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) Lance Bannonone of Spider-Man's longtime allies and to this day we've never learned his identity or backstory the evidence given narrowed it to about two possible suspects but we're never told which is correct.

It's become an enduring mystery that's haunted Spidey ever since they first fought. This one is rather notable in that he initially wasn't planned to be the Spook, but became one after the writer's plans were derailed by The Clone Saga.

In V for VendettaFinch Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) this trope with Susan. V had killed all Larkhill personnel that tortured him. The interesting part is that the only proof the goverment has of that story is the documents V had left for them to find.

What if this is just a smokescreen? What if this was done not as a Roaring Rampage of Revengebut to erase all proof of V's past? What if this is only the beginning of something greater? How can they hope to stop him?

Diabolik started out as this before some of his past started being discovered. In the Alternate Continuity DK, his counterpart, Finale: Allegro - Mozart* - The Late Symphonies as the Shadow of the Night, is this, to the point that he doesn't even have a name Experimental Session - Alex Gilbert as ProCity Claim - The Beat Tape & Others of the Night is how some people call the urban legend based on him.

The Joker has a revolving door of backstories, which makes it unknown who he is, where he came from, and what made him the way he is. Count Dracula in American Vampire is portrayed this way. Rather than identified as Vlad the Impaler the real-life inspiration for the characterhis origins are unknown and is theorized to have been a pig-farmer rather than the infamous nobleman. Having said that, he is generally agreed to have Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) Romanian due to being the creator of the Carpathian bloodlinewhich became the most numerous of all vampire strains in the world.

As The Games We Play progresses, Jaune begins to realize that he knows terrifyingly, worryingly little about who Ozpin really is. Even gaining a True Sight ability doesn't help.

A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor provides a very justified, main protagonist example. Due to the fact that she comes from a completely different worldthere is absolutely no knowledge or information on Arturia prior to the explosion at the Conclave where she is the Sole Survivor of the cataclysmic event that killed everyone else present, meaning that there is absolutely NO way to get any information anywhere on her Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) Thedas other than anything she does in present time.

This is something that greatly worries and disturbs BOTH her allies and enemies. Even several season after her demise, no one, not even Trixie who's mind she was dwelling in knows what she really was or where she came from, or even if she was real.

Even her name and gender are just conjecture, as Twilight names her Loneliness and as she's a shapeshifter, Manolo Galván - Todas Sus Grabaciones En Discos Ariola y Belter (1971-1976) only evidence of a gender at all is her Shapeshifter Default Form is female and it's not clear if any of the forms she assumes Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) her real one, if she even has one.

In Vale's UndergroundCinder Fall is changed into this because "Cinder" is Ces Bottes Sont Faits Pour Marcher - Various - Covered - Pop, Beat, Soul & Rock n Roll Cover Versi alias in this version. No one actually knows her real name and she took many Nite Vision - Dez Williams - Tommy Ponk (File) to make sure this trope was in effect for her.

Salem is even Pique Nique Valse - André Lutereau, Travelling Orchestra - Travelling (Volume 3) Perspective Stereop mysterious and all we know is that she has a past with Cinder. Subverted in Chapter 14 for the readers when we learn a lot more about them. However, no one else currently knows it.

Films — Live-Action. The Joker was portrayed this way in The Dark Knight. He had no backstoryand was only "The Joker", nothing more elaborate but nothing to diminish the personality. The premise of the movie was that the heroes have to deal with someone they had no damn clue about.

They could not anticipate what he was going to do, and that is why he was so effective.


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  5. “Night Vision” comes with 28 vintage sounding loops that will sound fresh over some hard hitting drums. Hint “Rhythms” Take these sounds directly form the tape machine and add to your production to compose your next single. “Night Vision” contains Pianos, Pads, Guitars and many more textures of the night.
  6. Dec 29,  · All the songs provided in this blog are only samples. None of this files are hosted by the site's server! The download links are given for trial purposes. TraxCrate hold no responsibility for any illegal usage of the content. Please support the artists by buying their records and releases!
  7. The Spook is someone whose identity is a paradox, they exist but don't exist at the same time. No one can prove that he is there except by showing someone the warm body, if you even have it. If a name is given it is likely to be Shrouded in Myth ; you can't be certain of anything you hear about them but you don't want to underestimate them all.
  8. The furtive femme fatale comes complete with removable night-vision goggles and her signature bullwhip, which she can hold in her hand. This kitten has claws! The DC Universe Catwoman Living Dead Dolls is fashioned on Mezco’s signature LDD presents body, stands 10” and features five points of articulation. Each figure comes packaged in a.

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