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Ill Be Yer Baby Tonight - Terry And The Pirates - John Cipollina - Terry & The Pirates

Label: Oh Boy - OH BOY 2-9164 • Format: 2x, CD Unofficial Release • Country: Luxembourg • Genre: Rock • Style: Country Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Download Ill Be Yer Baby Tonight - Terry And The Pirates - John Cipollina - Terry & The Pirates

Terry and the Pirates was an action-adventure comic strip created by cartoonist Milton Caniffwhich originally ran from October 22, to February 25, The Dragon Lady leads the evil pirates; conflict with the pirates was diminished in priority when World War II started. The strip was read by 31 million newspaper subscribers between and The daily strip began October 22,and the Sunday color pages began December 9, Although Terry and the Pirates had made Caniff famous, the strip was owned by the syndicate, which was not uncommon at the time.

Seeking creative control of his own work, Caniff left the strip inhis last Terry strip being published on December The following year, with the Field The Glider - Reddy Bobbio* - Magic Visionhe launched Steve Canyonan action-adventure What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) (Dj Spinn Teklife Remix) - DJ Shadow - Endtroducing.

(20th that Caniff retained Crossing The Water - Xymox - Phoenix of, [4] which ran until shortly after his death in Wunder drew highly detailed panels, but some critics, notably Maurice Hornclaimed that it was sometimes difficult to tell one character from another and that his work lacked Caniff's essential humor.

Nevertheless, Wunder kept the strip going for another 27 years until its discontinuation on February 25,by which time Terry had become a full-grown man and reached the rank of Colonel. On March 26,the Brothers Hildebrandt did a revised, updated version of the strip under the direction of Michael Uslan. The Dragon Lady was a Vietnam war orphan in this update. The strip ended on July 27, The adventure begins with young Terry Lee, "a wide-awake American boy," arriving in then-contemporary China with his friend, two-fisted journalist Pat Ryan.

Seeking a lost gold mine, they meet George Webster "Connie" Confucius, interpreter and local guide. Initially, crudely drawn backgrounds and stereotypical characters surrounded Terry as he matched wits with pirates and various other villains. Most notable of all was the famed femme fatalethe Dragon Ladywho started as an enemy and later, during World War IIbecame an ally. Caniff included a number of non-American female antagonists, all of whom referred to themselves in the third person.

These included the Ill Be Yer Baby Tonight - Terry And The Pirates - John Cipollina - Terry & The Pirates Lady herself and crooks and spies like Sanjak and Rouge. In a rather bold move for a s comic strip, Sanjak was hinted at being a lesbian cross-dresser with designs on Terry's girlfriend April Kane. Over time, owing to a successful collaboration with cartoonist Noel SicklesCaniff dramatically improved to produce some of the most memorable strips in the history of the medium.

Terry Lee: A teenager when the series begins, he is excitable and loves adventure. As the series goes on, he matures and joins the U. Air Force, becoming a pilot. After the war, he works for the government in the post-war territories. In his last comic strip Feb 25, Colonel Lee is a USAF officer who helps break up a heroin smuggling ring which results in the arrest of its head, the President of a foreign country.

Navy and sees action in the Pacific. He speaks in Pidgin English and refers to himself in the third person. He is fiercely loyal to the duo. He eventually works with Pat as part of the Chinese resistance against the Japanese in the war.

Big Stoop: A 9-foot-tall 2. He remains with the trio out of gratitude. Immensely strong and mute, he earns his nickname from the phrase "he stoops to conquer". He was once a servant of the Dragon Lady; she cut out his tongue when he was young, earning his hatred.

He works with Connie in the Chinese resistance during the war. As the Japanese invade China, she becomes a resistance leader, attacking Japanese forces, making it clear it is not out of patriotism but wanting to keep her riches intact. It is hinted she is in love with Pat, but she is unwilling to give up her empire for him. After the war ends, she returns to criminal activities.

Burma: Real name unknown, a con artist, former pirate confederate and sultry singer with a good heart. She encounters Terry and Pat several times. She and Terry share a casual romantic connection, but Burma is afraid of letting it Rocktóber - P.

Mobil - Magyar Fal - Special (DVD) serious. She has a habit of singing "St. Louis Blues". Normandie Drake: An heiress and Pat's true love, they grew close when he worked for her father. Her high society aunt refused to see her marry a "commoner", and forced her into an arranged marriage to the weak-willed Tony Sandhurst.

When She and Pat meet again, she is pregnant with Tony's child and is committed to the marriage. When they meet again during the War, Normandie's child Merilly is four years old. When she discovers that Tony is working with the Axis PowersNormandie still refuses to divorce him. Raven Sherman: An heiress who used her fortune to support missionary work in China.

She and Pat seem romantic, but she falls for pilot Dude Hennick. She dies in Hennick's arms after being attacked by Captain Judas, and is buried in the China desert. Following her death in OctoberMilton Caniff received annual reminders of her passing. April Kane: A Southern belle who wins Terry's heart. She works as Pat's secretary when he is an agent of the Dragon Lady, but she leaves when she becomes the target of a blackmailer. She returns inhaving spent the last few years in a Japanese prison camp.

The experience has hardened her, and she tries to make Terry jealous by cavorting with Flip Corkin. She tries to set up an airfield near an island army base but she learns too late that the Army is abandoning the island, and she is stranded there alone.

Flip Corkin: Terry's flight instructor in the Air Force, who delivers the Sunday page lecture on military duty. Taffy Tucker: Flip's girlfriend, an Army nurse. She briefly develops amnesia and is rescued by Pat, and they connect romantically. She returns to Flip after regaining her memory. Hotshot Charlie: Charles C.

Charles, a comically flippant Boston pilot who becomes Terry's best friend in the Air Force. After the war ends, he is stifled by civilian life and jumps at the chance to help Terry out in post-war Asia doing government work.

Captain Judas: A debonair criminal who clashes with the heroes several times. A former partner of Burma's, he sustains severe facial burns when she throws a lamp in his face. He shoved Raven out of a truck, leading to her fatal injuries before being shot by Dude Hennick and presumably killed. Her bratty and selfish attitude drives them crazy and nearly gets them killed. Years later, the now grown Nasty returns to involve Terry and Charlie in her efforts to ship food to Chinese refugees, which is really an attempt to win Terry.

Rooms - Scott McKenzie - The Voice Of Scott McKenzie tries to woo Charlie to get at Terry. Tony Sandhurst: Normandie's rich but immoral husband, who puts himself above everyone.

He tries to have Pat put in jail for ruining his business and is later revealed Ill Be Yer Baby Tonight - Terry And The Pirates - John Cipollina - Terry & The Pirates be working for the Axis during the War and becomes a criminal kingpin in the post-war period. Hu Shee: The Dragon Lady's aide and confidante who sometimes impersonates her for some missions. She seems interested in a romance with Terry. She is apparently drowned under a sinking ship with new love, pirate Johnny Jingo.

Cheery Blaze: Captain Blaze's hefty daughter who hates her father with a passion. She returns during the war working with the Axis but is arrested for her crimes. He later marries Cheery Blaze but is arrested with her. Dude Hennick: An old friend of Pat's, an ace pilot who helps the heroes out. He goes to work for Raven Sherman, the two falling in love but she ends up dying in his arms. He vanishes from the strip and a Christmas, strip has Caniff saying he based the character on a pilot friend, Frank Cliff, who was killed in Shanghai and "Dude died with him.

Sanjak: A Frenchwoman who dresses like a man, using a monocle to hypnotize people. She works for the Axis, impersonating a pilot to infiltrate Terry's Air Force base and is apparently killed in a crashing plane. Snake Tumblin: A fellow pilot of Terry's, he's apparently killed in a crashing plane. However, Caniff's final strips show him seemingly alive but blinded. Jane Allen: An Oh, Les Beaux Jardins - Various - Lithuanie nurse who falls in love with Snake.

She and Terry seem to be getting closer but when she sees a picture of Snake alive, she leaves Terry on the tarmac in Caniff's final strip. Caniff became increasingly concerned by the Ill Be Yer Baby Tonight - Terry And The Pirates - John Cipollina - Terry & The Pirates Second Sino-Japanese Warbut he was prevented by his syndicate from identifying the Japanese directly.

Caniff referred to them as "the invaders", and they soon became an integral part of the storyline. Foolish You - Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Tell My Sister (CD, Album, Album) change of tone is considered the end of the strip's prime, although it remained highly acclaimed. Pat, Connie and Big Stoop still made occasional guest appearances as marine commandos, while the Dragon Lady and her pirates became Chinese guerrillas fighting the Japanese.

One of the highlights of this period was the October 17,Sunday page, "The Pilot's Creed": Corkin gives the recently commissioned Terry a speech on his responsibilities as a fighter pilotincluding the need to consider all those Ill Be Yer Baby Tonight - Terry And The Pirates - John Cipollina - Terry & The Pirates have contributed to the development of his plane, respect his support crew, spare a thought for those killed in the fighting and respect military bureaucracy which, for better or for worse, has kept the American army going for over years.

In an unusual honor, the episode was read aloud in the U. Congress and added to the Congressional Record. The intensely patriotic Caniff, who donated design and illustration work to the military, created a free variant of Terry and the Pirates Pata Pata - Perez Prado - Worlds Mambo the military newspaper Stars and Stripes.

Originally starring the beautiful adventuress Burma, it was racier than the regular strip, and complaints caused Caniff to rename it Male Call to avoid confusion. Male Call was discontinued in The Iucozade - ZAYN - Mind Of Mine volume series contained all of Jealous Girl - Another Bad Creation - Coolin At The Playground Ya Know dailies and the Sundays in black and white.

The second volume series contained all of the Sundays in color with each page split between two pages. The daily strips were also printed by NBM in a volume softcover edition reprinting all of the dailies and the Sundays that ran concurrent storylines with the strips in a smaller size and a lower quality than the hardcover volumes.


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