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Brand New Ride - Henry Mena - Beautiful Insults And Compromises

Label: One Seventeen Records - none • Format: File MP3, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock, Power Pop
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Muchas de mis favoritas estan aqui, en lugares que quisiera mas arriba pero que diablos! Es Club Fonograma! Abrazo a Carlos y todo el crew! The different ventures and Brand New Ride - Henry Mena - Beautiful Insults And Compromises areas that Handel was to visit Brand New Ride - Henry Mena - Beautiful Insults And Compromises start to impact each part of music that Handel would come to know and acknowledge, and it was his first goal in Hamburg that would lead Handel on the way of musical enormity.

Club Fonograma's Best Songs of Middle Finger Response - Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything s.

This project consists of essays from ex-Club Fonograma writers and friends, along with a full list of our favorite songs and albums of the decade. Here are Club Fonograma's top songs of the decade. You can listen to songs featured in this list on our Spotify playlist. The band would release no more material after this and, considering how Barcelona record store clerks will tell you that getting your hands on their EP will cost a fortune, it has only contributed to increasing their already legendary status.

Maria Magdalena. Through glossy synths and enduring hooks, the chanteuse rousingly conveys with her stirring voice the electrifying feeling of growing proximity to a lover. La Plata. Through these transformations, the song remains an incendiary hit. From the jump it sets off its chaotic moodiness, melded by hooks both clean and asymmetrical.

Only now does it feel like the world has caught up. It's bedroom pop by way of samba and folk naively recreated from a dreamscape. But it does find its way, and the lo-fi flutters of tambourine and woodwinds sound fucking massive. Remember the first time you saw Chungking Express?

Elsewhere the composition treads gently, steadily adding guitars, shakers and claps while the vocals crave adrenaline. El amor no es como dicen que el amor es. The Venezuelan artist delivers well-crafted heart-warming energy song with a subtle yet radical act of love, vulnerability and agency. Juana Molina. This is musical melodrama in septuple meter, presided over by El Bichapong. White Ninja. Ever wondered what a glute bridge sounded like? This bouncy track by Monterrey artists Leo Marz and Octavio Figueroa landed in our top 10 for and still holds up as a psychedelic synthpop cheerleader — if the cheers were slurs midway through a pleasant drunken evening.

You can almost see the cloud of her breath bloom into the void. In the end, the repetition of the song Brand New Ride - Henry Mena - Beautiful Insults And Compromises comfortable, even comforting, and Fakuta resigns herself to this cycle of taking apart what she has built, only to rebuild it and take it apart again. While attending an exhibition on the history of electronic music in the summer ofa very pleasant surprise lies at the end of its introductory timeline: a nod to ZZK Records as a pioneering label of electronic cumbia.

A balls-out banger entirely aimed at the dancefloor, it forgoes the somewhat tiring tendency some electro cumbia had in being more fit for ethnomusicological dissertation. El Cata]. Delorean said goodbye earlier this year but they will be remembered for their unique, at least in the Spanish context, chillwave-blisscore-house-pop sound. Even if the lyrics suggest a relationship reaching its end, the rhythm is steady and upbeat, colorful with vocals, samples and effects, never letting the vibe fall into melancholy or sadness.

Kali Uchis. The Latinx pop wave from the end of decade circa was in part directly related to the foundation carved and established by Latinx indie pop acts from the first half of the decade. We understand a phenomenon as Cuco is rare but not new, and undoubtedly holds pivotal space in music history of Latinx indie.

Yet Cuco kept the love and commitment towards his sound 303XTC (Live @ Cool World 11/12/94) - Darwin Chamber - Live At The Cow Palace In San Francisco identity: a proud chicano representing his community and its cultural elements in his sound and visual aesthetics.

Oscillating between English and Spanish, this hallmark track explores heartache from a youthful yet mature and earnest approach; a true anthem of love and emotional distress. Luca Bocci. Los Macuanos. Can music take part in social resistance? An evocative title can raise It’s Been Awhile - Staind - Hi-End Ultra X-Treme and create discussion among listeners.

The music itself can stir rebellion and provide courage to those who are directly involved, a sign that the response must be global. A pure moment of total upheaval of the senses triggered by the producers barely controlled madness.

The kind of haunting track that continues to haunt us years after. Alejandro Paz. In spite of the ecstatic energy of the chorus, in the languid verses that accelerate into desperation, Belinda tells a different story. Cardi B. Hello Seahorse! At the end ofHello Seahorse! A total jarring experience even after hundreds of listens that get you excited every time. Even with the best intentions that kind of party music will overindulge in too many ideas while forcing joy down our ears. But here those elements come together and play out as natural as watching a sunset.

What begins submerged in Brand New Ride - Henry Mena - Beautiful Insults And Compromises , chopped and screwed soundbites breaks through and turns weightless.

A future that clearly belongs to MULA. Stripped of digital excess, anything that could be confused as run-of-the-mill, Gianluca gave us his most cutting and vulnerable song to date. The drums do hit but only after the midway mark, slow and subdued.

Gianluca sounds free. Any song that causes your mom to sing the chorus within 30 seconds of playing it must contain some inkling of genius.

Her voice and the way in which she told us about interstellar trips already had us in love. Now, by magic, or rather, with the art of doing magic that this woman possesses, we have encountered the voice of a BFlecha with many more nuances, one that allows us to believe in the possibility of pop music that is both idiosyncratic and contemporary.

Selena Gomez. The muffled claps in the background are even less bothered, but the low thrum of bass holding it all together hints at disaster. Then the chorus kicks in and we hear what Gomez is really thinking or trying not to think about. The breakdown breakthrough? El Columpio Asesino. The lyrics are sung alternately by both male and female lead singers, almost as two parallel soliloquies, in a style close to Pretty Blue Eyes - Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes / Youre Nearer word recitation.

Synthesizers, motorik drum beats and a strummed guitar line drive the monotonous debut melody to an epic climax embellished with heavy moaning. Kali Mutsa. Diving into the majestic depths of Kali Mutsa means to give three-fourths of yourself away to a world of crafty rituals, afflicting gastronomical feasts, and powerhouse operas. This healing piece achieves the sort of celestial plethora that can only be experienced by immersing your soul into the fragmented pupils of a black cat.

A boundless, irresistible, and velvety single that placed Celine Reymond on our list of platform-hopping visionaries. Although their penchant for krautrock-like repetition and textures set them apart from most artists aligning themselves with global pop sounds, their craft was a brand of hook-centric pop that was as highbrow as it was accessible. Tony Gallardo II. House, disco, Padla Rosa Studená - Krušnohorská Dudácká Muzika - Vánoce S Krušnohorskou Dudáckou Muzikou wave, hip-hop all simmering until they overtake everything else in your ear holes.

Among crispy beats, Jamie James, better known as Louta, takes us beyond time, to a place where catchy melodies and lyrics touch the bittersweet irony and impact at first sight. Jessy Bulbo. Equal parts songstress and sorceress, Jessy Bulbo might be the most powerful rocker in Mexico. Ultimately, I am left wondering when will we see the immersion of a new Mexico City banda dedicated to the realization of the Cult of Bulbo. What would you do before your life is over?

Siete Catorce. He juxtaposes bleak sentiments with feverish cumbia, plus an auterish stamp equally influential and difficult to be surpassed. Just like P. Now, after some time away, revisiting their work still evokes the same magic.

The steady drum and resolute synths sail with determination across the seas — of societal expectations, prejudice, and closed-mindedness — that separate lovers. The twang of strings buoys the melody and punctuates the Brand New Ride - Henry Mena - Beautiful Insults And Compromises rhythm — and what an honest, beautiful mess it is. His nasal tone riding the relaxed cadence of the drums lulls you into swaying along and getting lost in the cozy rhythm and cursi verses.

Los Blenders. The perfect soundtrack to being lovesick. Hailing from Coapa in Mexico City, Los Blenders, more than music, served as a space of expression and gathering for youth seeking a space of belonging.

Things have changed. Danna Paola. Until lateit looked like Buscabulla were going to leave us with only scraps of their hushed brilliance. Those vocals remain at the forefront as the track winds and turns through tempo changes and ethereal guitar noises, but Berrios stares it all down with power and precision.

A powerhouse vocal performance for a powerhouse song. The song flows slowly, picking Prezzo speciale - Various - Tutta Roba Italiana - Rockit Vol. 57 rattling hi-hats and strobing synthesizer as it oozes along the dancefloor. Meanwhile, Milton Mahan allows plenty of space for us to set images in our heads. J Balvin. Linda Mirada.


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